Resources for Faculty Directors of Approved Programs

Thank you for making the choice to commit your time and energy to providing a high quality, innovative education abroad experience for students. The decision to lead a Missouri State University faculty-directed program provides an opportunity to engage students in a way that is not possible in a classroom on campus. In this role, you will have more responsibilities than in a traditional on-campus course; you are accepting the challenge of serving as an administrator, an advisor, a facilitator, a first-responder, and of course, an educator.

While on the program, you will observe a broadening of student perspectives and an expansion of minds engaging in the learning process. You will facilitate not only classroom-based learning, but also the development of intercultural competencies.

The Handbook for Faculty-Directed Education Abroad Programs is meant to be a guide and reference as you navigate the process of planning a faculty-directed program with students, and the Education Abroad team is available to assist in the process. Please contact Elizabeth Strong, Education Abroad Director, for a copy of this handbook. Thank you again for your commitment and contributions in providing this transformational experience to Missouri State students.

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